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An Angel Reading/Consultation is an intuitive, spiritual connection with the unseen worlds and energies that surround us.

angelAngels are radiant and pure energy beings. They belong to a hierarchy of beings that made their evolution before man appeared on the face of earth. they belong to the lunar chain of evolution preceding planet earth. Their name comes from the Greek word "angelos" and latin "angelus", meaning "messenger" . This supernatural beings are called messengers because they keep the door to the unseen worlds or astral dimensions and are in charge of the transmission of messages to man from those dimensions. That's why they usually appear in different sacred writings, communicating good or bad news to people while they are dreaming. Their mission is to direct and focus energy that comes from superior spheres of existence, to the physical world of man so they can keep on evolving and meet their destiny. Angels glorify feelings of faith, hope, charity, honor, integrity, truth, freedom, mercy and justice.

angel A legend says that since the day we were born, an angel touches our lips and says: "Remain silent, do not say what you already know". That is the reason why we have a thin rift in the upper lip and we do not remember anything from the place we came from.

They can pass by our lives unnoticed. Most human beings are touched by an angel even though they are not willing admit it.

There are different kind of angels according to the element they embody. They are:

  • Fire Angels: spiritual, energetic level. Their corresponding color is flame red. They express the fires of action and virginal ideas. They are the divine scent that one has inside. They mean love, passion and sexual energy. Fiery Angels also represent the strength we need to carry out positive actions. They also represent the aggressive aspect of man. The key of the fire element is action. Inside or outside us.
  • Earth Angels: they embody the physical or concrete level and their color vibration is citrine green. They produce, shape, withstand and make our wishes come true. When they come down, they provide wealth and fortune. They are meant to put things into practice, act and build up solidify or materialize things. The earth element represents man's physical body. They are capable of receiving and deleting negative material outpourings. They have the task to keep human's life balance.
  • Air Angels: mental or inspirational level. Their color ray is yellow. Lightness is the key to this level. They announce changes and transformation. The air is the communicative channel of the diverse spiritual levels. We use air to keep negative patterns away and far enough from us.
  • Water Angels: emotional or feeling level. The ray color is blue. They are angels of calmness, peace, harmony and protection. They say it is time to clear up, renew and pay attention to our feelings. Water element has always been linked to purification rituals. It has always been used in exorcisms due to its capacity to filter, absorb and purify negative energies. Since its field of action is lunar, it rules emotions and the unconscious of men.

  • Archangels: Archangels are one of the highest forms of energy and belong to the evolutionary period of our central star: The Sun. In other words, they are the solar messengers that channel the energy from the Central sun through the physical Sun. That's the reason why all great prophets in the different cultures are represented with a solar disc: Ra, Christ, Obatala, Agni, Apollo, Helios, etc.

Angels help us in the transmutation of our problems into radiant energy. The first step to establish contact with them is by been aware of their existence and accept our life completely, just the way it is at the present moment . This is the starting point to get to change it.


The game with their cards is a wonderful communication channel. These cards have messages that increase our energy and our self-esteem. They clear up the path to go through. They act like leaders and make us suggestions. But, we are free people, provided with certain intelligence and willingness. That is why, it is our own decision.

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