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Tarot Rider is one of the most famous along with Tarot of Marseilles; it is the one people uses the most in countries in North America and England.
Contrary to the other models of tarot, the Minor Arcana are as representative as the Major Arcana, because their rich images, with plenty of symbols, give the chance to make a detailed analysis of that to be consulted.
These cards may be used by anyone; either those who are intuitive and have a highly spiritual level or those who are absolutely on the ground, who are quite rational, calculating and analytical.
You get great results from its reading; the language is accessible; finally, it has information that can be studied and worked out, because it is a well-organized and perfectly structured tarot.

Today, Tarot Rider-Waite- perhaps the best-selling cards and the most reproduced in the world- is one of the main syntheses of Western magic traditions, where Christian mysticism, Hebraic superstitions, alchemy, and astrology merge. .

Now, we invite you to come into our Special Tarot Oracle with the images from 'TAROT RIDER WAITE'.

The person who consults should be comfortable, focused, quiet and calm.
At the beginning of a reading, it is advisable to relax your mind to open to all messages that Tarot symbols convey.

Readings of Tarot the Oracle are completely free.

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