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Crossroads Tarot

"Crossroads Tarot Spread"
“Crossroads Tarot Spread,” “Questions,” The labyrinth,” “The Enigma,”Uncertainty”

Do you have to make a very important decision and you do not know the path to follow? Make this simple six cards Tarot spread and you will get three answers: the events that will take place in case you choose the two choices in front of you , and a third one, the one that Tarot offers as the true one.

The Crossroads Spread is generally used when the consultation is about issues with two different ways to select, when we are really doubtful about the consequences of our decisions.

In cases of uncertainty about the path to choose, we can use this Tarot spread. We can clearly and briefly discover the roads that will come along after making and putting our decisions into practice.

As any oracle, it may be used in different situations to inspire us when facing a problem, to help us determine the best way to act in a given situation.

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Crossroads Tarot Spread
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