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Legacy of the Divine Tarot

The Oracle with images from
'Legacy of the Divine Tarot'

'Legacy of the Divine Tarot', is a Tarot created by Ciro Marchetti, which has amazing images. They represent a new approach but allow us to see their essential meaning. These cards of Tarot are based on a story about all human beings disappearance as a result of a disaster in the planet and the spread of its message of wisdom throughout the galaxy.

You can see an example of these cards in Ciro Marchetti Website, as well as the introductory video.
They are available in two versions, one as a special edition produced by the artist, that are in his Website, the other one, as a standard version that must be released by Llewellyn by the end of 2009.

Now, we invite you to come into our Special Tarot Oracle with the images from 'Legacy of the Divine Tarot'.

The person who consults should be comfortable, focused, quiet and calm.
At the beginning of a reading, it is advisable to relax your mind to open to all messages that Tarot symbols convey.

Readings of Tarot the Oracle are completely free.

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